Imamate and Leadership


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Lesson One
The Place of Leadership in Islam

Lesson Two
The Position of the Messenger of God with Respect to the Future of Islam

Lesson Three
The Proclamation of 'Ali's Leadership by the Prophet

Lesson Four
The Objection of 'Ali to the Decision of the Companions

Lesson Five
The Rank of 'Ali as Indicated in Other Sayings of the Prophet

Lesson Six
The Relationship between the Qur'an and  the Progeny of the Prophet

Lesson Seven
Irresponsible Attitudes of the Companions

Lesson Eight
Does the Qur'an Provide an Unconditional Guarantee for the Companions?

Lesson Nine
The Formation of the Caliphal Order at the Saqifah

Lesson Ten
Reliance on Unsound Criteria

Lesson Eleven
Answer to an Objection

Lesson Twelve
Shi'ism in the Course of History

Lesson Thirteen
The True Nature of the Holders of Authority

Lesson Fourteen
The Guardians of the Frontiers of Shari'ah and the Realm of Islam

Lesson Fifteen
The Imamate as a Rational Necessity

Lesson Sixteen
Who are Those Capable of Interpreting Divine Law?

Lesson Seventeen
The Imamate and Inner Guidance of Man

Lesson Eighteen
The Inerrancy of Imams and the Necessity of Belief in it

Lesson Nineteen
Confirmation from the Qur'an and the Sunnah

Lesson Twenty
The Imam's Comprehensive Knowledge of the Islamic Sciences

Lesson Twenty-One
The Sources of the Imam's Knowledge

Lesson Twenty-Two
A Word Concerning the Unseen and the Manifest

Lesson Twenty-Three
The Imam's Communication with the World of the Unseen

Lesson Twenty-Four
The Method of Choosing the Imam or Leader

Lesson Twenty-Five
The Imamate of the Most Excellent